MAMBA Electric Grinder, Grinds Right Into Your Bowl! 1/2 Capacity




  •  REVOLUTIONARY ONE-HANDED-OPERATION: Throw out that old clunky manual grinder and enter the next generation of grinding with the new MAMBA grinder. The MAMBA Grinder is sleek and stylish, easy to use with one hand grinding a medium-fine fluffy grind every time. No matter how mossy, leafy, sticky or oily the herbs and spices are, MAMBA grinds as much or as little as you load right where you need it.– MAMBA provides a sure shot every-time
  • INCREDIBLY FAST – 20 TIMES FASTER THAN MANUAL GRINDERS Finally a Battery Powered Grinder that always grinds! 6 Volts of Battery Power (4 x 1.5 V AA Batteries), a 0.6A Motor, Metal Gears, 26 Sharp Diamond Shaped Aluminum Teeth Rip and Tear Faster than manual grinders. NB. Batteries not supplied
  •  FORWARD & REVERSE GRINDING MECHANISM! The Forward & Reverse Operation Rocker-Switch allows you to grind in both directions – at first sign of any clogging simply reverse the grinding direction and MAMBA tears and rips through for a jam free grind. MAMBA grinds just the right amount of grind exactly where you need it. Every-time
  • FUN & STYLISH – EASY TO USE – EASY TO CLEAN – NO WASTE: No gimmicks. No more wrist strain or cramp from manual grinders. Simply lay MAMBA flat, load your favorite herbs and spices, close, point and shoot! The pouring spout deliveries your product exactly where you want it. No more annoying spills or waste!